Domaine Les Alexandrins - Crozes-Hermitage - 2014

AOC Crozes-Hermitage



Terroir :
4 hectares, Clay-sand.
Vineyards located in the villages of Pont d’Isère (Les Flouris) and Beaumont Monteux (Vie Magne).
Semi-continental and Mediterranean climate sometimes.

The vintage :
Winter 2014 is characterized by mild temperatures for the region and heavy rainfall until mid-March. Heat and water reserves allowed an early start of vegetation. Spring is dry until late June, with few signs of water stress. However flowering and fruit set were optimal, pledge of a great harvest . The months of July and August, particularly cool and wet, slowed the cycle of the vine , and forces growers to strengthen surveillance. Early September is inaugurated with two lovely sunny weeks , accompanying an optimal maturity grapes.

Process :
Manual harvest.
Traditional wine.
Destemming 100%.
Maceration 3 days cold.
Two pump-over + two punch down/ day.
Fermentation 20 jours.

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