Maison Nicolas Perrin Saint Péray - 2012

Saint Péray

Saint-Péray, a Vineyard with character, forged its name along with a stormy history. In the 15th century, Saint-Péray acquires its identity as the villagers leave the Château de Crussol and settle down in the valley of Mialan. Their village formally called Saint-Pierre-d’Ay becomes “Saint-Péray” under the influence of the local dialect.


his is the most southern appellation of the northern Rhone, so it's a perfect place to make a wine. It is known for its sparkling wines, unusually for the Rhone, owing to a quirk of history when monks from Champagne settled here in the 17th century. But the past 10 years have seen a real push by local winemakers to make their still wines better known. This is an excellent example - a touch of bitter almonds, excellent persistency, and value.

Offers a creamy, forward feel, with melonball, toasted brioche and almond notes woven together. Languid finish.