Maison Nicolas Perrin Syrah Viognier - 2011

Vin de France

When Syrah is blended with Viognier, you obtain a wine with more aromatic elegance and finesse. On the granite terroir of the Northern Rhône Valley, this blend gives freshness and body to the wine. The rather dry and hot 2011 vintage was characterised by a full-bodied wine with great maturity.


A tag team effort between legendary Rhône families, Jaboulet from the north and Perrin from the south, has resulted in a collaboration focussed on small-batch wines sourced from top growers and sub-appellations around the region. The Syrah offers classic earthy, meaty character loaded with spice, while the Viognier fleshes things out with a splash of stone fruit. Grill up some lamb and go to town.

The entry-level range is labelled by grape variety rather than appellation. Touch of white pepper, blackcurrants, accessible, hugely enjoyable.

This is dense yet agile, the prickle of stems dancing through the dark, chewy fruit, leaving space and floral notes in its wake. It’s dark and guarded, a black rose with thorns.