Maison Les Alexandrins Le Cabanon Blanc - 2021

Maison Les Alexandrins Le Cabanon Blanc - 2021

Maison Les Alexandrins, a signature modern in approach and contemporary in style. A wine showing the typical exoticness of Viognier, with great vivacity and bursting with freshness.

A partnership between three winegrowers from the Rhône Valley – Nicolas Jaboulet, Guillaume Sorrel and Alexandre Caso – Maison les Alexandrins produces northern wines in a style at once contemporary and timeless, always from exceptional vineyards unearthed by Alexandre Caso, a specialist in the terroirs of the northern Rhône Valley. Classics with a twist, these wines and how they are aged and blended are guided by the quest for perfect harmony from a very young age. The wine comes from high-altitude vineyards, mainly situated on slopes in the Ardèche, but also the plains of the Drôme near the village of Allex.


Located from high-altitude vineyards of the Ardèche, our vines benefit from cool temperatures.

The vintage

2021 was a winemaker vintage and required great responsiveness to very variable weather, comforting us in the pursuit of our good work in the vineyard. Winter was mild, followed by spring frosts before a dry mid-spring and then a cool summer with record rainfall. By stripping the leaves at the beginning of July, our grapes remained healthy. The harvest started in good conditions with the whites on September 13th in Brézème (-80% harvest due to frost), followed by Crozes-Hermitage and Condrieu. The summer conditions preserved a rare balance in our region. The Marsanne and Roussanne reveal freshness, minerality and precision, the Viogniers aromas of fresh fruit and a mouth full of finesse. For the reds, the lowland vineyards are full of indulgence with floral aromas and soft tannins. Finally, the granite terroirs reveal notes of pepper and spices and a rich palate.


The birthplace of the Viognier grape variety is located in Condrieu and on the slopes of neighbouring villages. Until recently, this variety was only grown here. Legend has it that the original provenance of Viognier is the Dalmatian coast and the variety was brought to France by the Roman Emperor Probus. However, while it takes its name from the Celtic word vidu (wood), found in the Savoyard place name Vions, a 2004 DNA analysis revealed its Alpine origins. A Piedmont variety, Freisa, is a close relation. The winemaker’s cabanon is a workshop and refuge, a place in the middle of the vines where they can take a rest. Built from local materials, such as granite, stone, timber or whatever is close to hand, the cabanon is often a warm and welcoming place.


- Harvested early in the morning to preserve the freshness of the berries.
- Because Viognier has a thick skin that impedes the extraction of its aromatic palette, long pressing at low temperature is carried out.
- The must is then fermented at a low temperature (20°C) and aged in stainless steel vats to preserve its fresh and fruity character.


Superb bright colour with golden undertones. This particularly fresh vintage allows Viognier to offer its rich aromatic bouquet with exotic notes. The nose shows a magnificent bouquet of aromas of white peaches and citrus fruit. On the palate, it shows balance and freshness, thanks to a beautiful acidity. A very seductive wine, to be tasted in its youth.

Food pairings

This wine is perfect as an aperitif with seafood canapés.


Serve chilled at 12°C. Drink young, from 2 years old.


Viognier : 100 %