Maison Les Alexandrins Le Cabanon Rouge - 2020

Maison Les Alexandrins Le Cabanon Rouge - 2020

Maison Les Alexandrins, a signature modern in approach and contemporary in style. An enticing wine fusing the strength of Syrah with a touch of Viognier for smoothness.

A partnership between three winegrowers from the Rhône Valley – Nicolas Jaboulet, Guillaume Sorrel and Alexandre Caso – Maison les Alexandrins produces northern wines in a style at once contemporary and timeless, always from exceptional vineyards unearthed by Alexandre Caso, a specialist in the terroirs of the northern Rhône Valley. Classics with a twist, these wines and how they are aged and blended are guided by the quest for perfect harmony from a very young age. Our vines grow in Beaumont Monteux and Pont de l'Isère on the right bank and on the plateaux of the Ardèche.


Our vines grow in soil packed with Rhône pebbles.

The vintage

After the hail damage of 2019, we had to nurse our vineyards back to health with a range of gentle but complementary nutrients. This made 2020 a technically exacting year, especially since the weather reserved many surprises for us. Spring was extraordinarily hot and dry and, despite a short break in June when some welcome rain fell, summer saw a continuation of drought conditions right up until the harvest. With a high risk of mildew at the start of the season, constant and unpredictable winds, powdery mildew half way through the season and the threat of high temperatures and scorching, we were spared nothing, and it required a major effort to cope. Fortunately, the occasional shower, fairly cool nights and morning dew meant the vines did not suffer too much from the summer heat, and all our hard work seems to have paid off with the promise of a fine vintage. To avoid the hottest moments of the day, we began picking from 6 am so as to pick the grapes while they were cool. We began with the whites on August 19 and continued with the reds through until September 16. First tastings revealed aromatic wines of great freshness, with degrees rarely exceeding 13.5°. After so many twists and turns, it is a vintage that reverts to origin in a very “Northern Rhône” style, after the mediterranean vintage of 2018 and 2019.


Syrah expresses itself most fully in its French birthplace, between the towns of Vienne and Valence. There are some who believe that it originally came from the city of Shiraz in Iran and was brought over during the Crusades. Others claim it first emerged in the 3rd century AD during the Roman Empire by dint of Emperor Probus. The winemaker’s cabanon is a workshop and refuge, a place in the middle of the vines where they can take a rest. Built from local materials, such as granite, stone, timber or whatever is close to hand, the cabanon is often a warm and welcoming place.


- The date of the harvest depends on the ripeness of each grape variety.
- The grapes are destemmed as soon as they reach the cellar.
- Cold pre-fermentation maceration is carried out to bring out the aromas of red berries and violets. After maceration, the must is fermented for about a fortnight.
- Punching down and pumping over is regularly performed.
- The wine is then aged in stainless steel vats to preserve its fresh and fruity character.

Tasting notes

Rich deep-red dress. The nose reveals a beautiful aromatic variety with aromas of small red fruit and black spices. On the palate, this northern Syrah is particularly seductive with its notes of spices, Morello cherries, violets and soft, round tannins, well balanced by a beautiful acidity. A little touch of Viognier completes the wine, giving it silkiness

Food and wine pairings

This wine is perfect as an aperitif or to accompany grilled meat.


Serve slightly chilled at about 15-16°C. Drink young, from 3 years old.


Syrah : 95 %
Viognier : 5 %