Maison Les Alexandrins - Terrasses de l'Eridan

AOC Côtes du Rhône



Description :
A remarkably fresh and deep wine, with typical Rhône characteristics, great with Mediterranean food and rockfish.

Terroir :
Recent alluvial deposits of calcareous origin with variations according to the river path, clayey limestone.

The vintage :
The 2016 vintage in the Southern Rhone valley is exceptional, both in terms of quality and quantity, thanks to idyllic weather conditions that protected the region from climatic accidents throughout the whole year.

Situation :
Located on the fresh and light soils of Cairanne and Jonquières. The vineyard is situated between the rivers of Ouvèze and Aigues.

Process :
Crushing in pneumatic presses, fining of the must and refrigeration. Regulated fermentation in tanks.
In stainless steel until June, the period when its bottled after fining. Filtered.

Cépages :
Grenache blanc : 70%
Viognier : 20%
Marsanne | Clairette : 10%